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Nordisk Japan Co.,Ltd.
Hironobu Washizaki, Chief Executive Officer
Erik Johannes Møller, Chairman
Masahiro Harada, Vice Chairman
Date of establishmentJuly 20,2016
Capital15 million Japanese Yen (including capital reserve)
Services and ProductsManufacture, Sales, and importation/exportation of Outdoor Sports equipment
Head Office2F,2-8-11, Nishi-Azabu,Minato-ku,Tokyo 106-0031,Japan Tel. +81(0) 3 6885 8206
BrandNordisk・Nordisk Village・Yeti・Grand Canyon・Open Air
Bank CorrespondentMUFG Bank, Ltd. Aoyama Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ginza Branch
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ノルディスクはエキストリーム・パフォーマンスとレジャー・ユース両方に対し、アウトドア用品をデザインし、製造販売しているブランドです。ノルディスクの美学は、スカンジナビア・デザインの伝統に根ざしており、すべてのテント、寝袋、マット、バッグはシンプルで機能的であり、最先端機能素材で作られています。「限界への挑戦にチャレンジ」を掲げて商品開発を行っており、世界最軽量2人用テント「Telemark2 ULW」、グランピングに最適なオーガニック・ティピーテント「Alfheim12.6」など、数々の賞を受賞してきました。ノルディスクは100年以上の歴史と1000年以上のノルディック遺産を兼ね備えたブランドです。

Nordisk is a Danish company designing, producing and marketing outdoor equipment for both extreme performance and leisure use. The aesthetics of Nordisk is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, and every tent, sleeping bag, mat and bag is simple yet functional, made from cutting edge innovative and technical materials. Nordisk strive to push the limits and the effort has been awarded with several awards and records e.g. Telemark2 ULW, which is the world’s lightest two-person tent, and the Alfheim12.6, an organic tepee that embodies the global Glamping trend. Nordisk believes outdoor life should be available to everyone and therefore aim to keep prices reasonable. Nordisk has more than 100 years of experience and more than 1000 years of proud Nordic legacy.

Club Nordisk

「Club Nordisk」へのお申込みを希望される方は入会フォームよりご登録をお願い致します。
「Club Nordisk」とはNordisk Japanが運営するのメンバーシップ制度です。





  • Kari 12 会員限定の別注品カーキ
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募集人数:限定300人 ※その他のプランの募集と合計人数



  • Kari 12 会員限定の別注品カーキ
  • 会員カード(1-2年目シルバー、3-4年目ゴールド、5年目以降ブラック)
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  • Asgard7.1 会員限定の別注品カーキ

3年目会員特典:Nordisk × Helinox Chair 会員限定別注品 カーキ
4年目会員特典:Ydun5.5 会員限定の別注品カーキ



Nordisk Village is a glamping facility using Nordisk's tent. In addition to being deployed in Venice, Italy, it opened in Nagasaki Goto in September of 2018.
It is not just a holiday, but the time to spend the lifestyle called Nordisk Village is exactly "Hygge". Please enjoy a comfortable space combining modern interior design and functionality.



Yeti founded in Dresden, Germany in 1983 as professional sleeping bags manufacture. Currently, the company develops high-end functional down wears together with sleeping bags in Europe. There are 3 different lines called 「EXPEDITION」,「COMPANYON」,「OUTDOOR」.
Survival when exploring the great outdoors and the most further corners of the world – battling the elements under extreme conditions. Yeti is deeply rooted in the great outdoors among mountaineers, extreme trekkers, and modern explorers.
The goal of Yeti is to create the ultimate down equipment – whether you need to stay warm in the polar desert or keep cool in the urban jungle. Yeti is durable, yet light. Warm, yet non-constricting. Functional, yet fashionable.

ブランド ブランド SP

Grand Canyon

For at least a couple of thousand years humans have explored and lived in and around the Grand Canyon – a 446 km long, 1,6 km deep and up to 29 km wide canyon centered around the Colorado River. This overwhelming landscape possesses at the same time a stunning beauty and a deadly ruggedness, that demands respect and foresight. The distances are extreme, the rocks are coarse and the sun is as relentless as the nights are cold. In this wild place you truly need to trust yourself and your equipment, and that is the reason why we have named our series of family outdoor equipment after the Grand Canyon. From the majestic mountains and the deep gorges of the Grand Canyon we have found the inspiration for a series of outdoor equipment for the demanding user, where performance and comfort goes hand in hand. No matter whether you hike the gorge or camp at one of the rims, the Grand Canyon series provide you with the necessary protection combined with comfort and a lot of practical details. Explore and enjoy the freedom of being outside and feel the spirit of nature, but with comfort. Grand Canyon is Adventure Family Camping at it’s best.


Open Air

Open Air is one of Europe's leading brands within tents, sleeping bags, mats and accessories. Perfect for spending some great time under the open skies with great gear making your outdoor life even more fun and comfortable.

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