Hygge with Nordisk

Denmark, where Nordisk is headquartered, is known as the "happiest country in the world," with a high level of happiness among its people.
In Denmark, there is a special word called Hygge, which expresses "a rich way of spending time and having a good heart, a comfortable time and space where you can feel relaxed,
and the sense of happiness you can get through the experience.
The word Hygge has become an integral part of the Danish people's lives, and they subconsciously enjoy Hygge to enrich their lives both mentally and physically.
In addition, the city of Silke Borg, Denmark, where our headquarters is located, has a "Capital of Outdoor in Denmark" and is connecting various government initiatives with the outdoors.
The city is promoting the development of the city by scientifically proving that people can improve their health and motivation to live longer and happier lives by spending time in nature.

We at Nordisk Japan are on a mission to introduce the Scandinavian lifestyle to Japan, with a particular focus on the outdoor lifestyle.
“Nature is Luxury" We believe that nature is extremely luxurious and that spending time in nature improves the "quality of life".
Through Nordisk's products, facilities, and events, we are committed to providing opportunities for many people to experience the outdoors and feel Hygge.

Nordisk Japan Co., Ltd
Hironobu Washizaki, Chief Executive Officer

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